Our doubts are always for something positive. We never doubt the bad things. If someone says “I love you.” We reply “Really? Are you sure?”, “You kidding me!”  But if someone says “I hate you.” You never doubt it; instead you say “I was so much sure that this was coming!” If you look at your response towards your own feelings then you always doubt your happiness, “Why am I so happy?”, “I am not sure if am happy or not?” but you seldom doubt your sadness. Same way we doubt someone’s honesty but never dishonesty. We doubt the existence of God.

So having doubts about something is an indication that there is something good in it. It is good to have doubts because once you go through it, faith emerges. But the point is you need to go through them. Lucky ones drop the doubt immediately, unlucky ones take some more time. Sign of intelligence is not giving good things a chance (as if they need to prove themselves) but rather giving ourselves a chance to try good things. Being skeptical is okay but being cynical is not as it may lead to paranoia.

Once someone asked Guruji (H.H. Sri Sri Ravishankar), “Guruji, we go and tell people about the Art of Living course but at times people doubt our intention. Why don’t they understand that we care for them and sharing this for their good?”

He replied “Tum 5000 saal pehle (Lord Krishna Era) bhi gavale (Milkman) the, aur aaj bhi gavale hi ho! 
Even today milkman goes to houses to supply milk but when it comes to alcohol people go to the shop and wait in queue to buy it! So take these doubts as blessings as you are up for something good.”

“Your faith, your love, your beauty, your truth is a hundred times more powerful than the doubt. The faith is like the sun, the doubt is like a cloud. No amount of clouds can cover the sun for long. They just come and they disappear. Yes, there are some cloudy days and it can be there, let it be. The sun will eventually shine.”

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Prateek Mehra
15/6/2011 09:39:06

nice one bro....i wish my stupid instt allows to access blogs...so dat i can visit here often...

15/6/2011 12:21:34

BHAIYA keep sharing this knowledge !!jgd

16/6/2011 09:23:34

sahi bol rahe ho bhai.....


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