Nature around us is perfect example of Unity even after having so much of diversity. I always wonder how much effort it takes for us to move together. We are generally bound to our concepts that don’t allow us to grow and bring forth our hands for joining more hands. There is always a set of people with whom our frequency matches and there is another set with whom things are entirely different. But my point is how big this difference is that we start to partway our niches.

Although in urban world discrimination on the basis of religion is quite uncommon, mainly because of education and interdependency, but still it exists. This is one of the most unfortunate things because it creates a wall that can’t be brought down with ease. In fact a truly spiritual or religious person would strongly condemn this discrimination. People have often misinterpreted secularism; this is the favorite pawn in Indian politics, I would rather say deciding factor for power. Being secular doesn’t mean that you don’t have a religion instead it mean that I follow my religion and respect others religion too. No God is going to get angry if being a Hindu you say ‘Allah’ or ‘Christ’, all these concepts are brewed by some religious fanatics or insecure priests. Today writing this blogpost I realize that I ve friends of almost all religion and it is almost unimaginable my life without them. It is always great joy to get acquainted to their rituals and culture.

It is also evident that there are much discrimination that is based upon our own notions and judgmental intellect. We have a set of frame of fixed dimension in which we try to fit things (people), if anything doesn’t fit it is often molded as per convenience or label as ‘unfit for use’ and discarded. Many of us would agree that it is normal ‘Human tendencies’ but I would like to phrase it as ‘Human acquired tendencies’. The reason for this is that a kid never has such tendencies; he will smile and radiate love with same innocence to everyone; he can become friend to anyone instantly. It is only in the process of growing up that we lose these qualities and get into all sort wrong tendencies. And it is for sure that all of us would agree that in childhood life was much easy and fun than it is now. But when it comes to compliment the cause of shift nobody sees change in their perspective.! We should not barter our innocence for maturity; we should keep both of them. As friendliness was our nature being a child, it shouldn’t wither with age. If another person is being squeamish then we should not lose our innocence and have compassion, this I feel is real maturity. In the race to even-up things we ruin many things knowingly and unknowingly.

If in school/college/workplace/etc. you have 30 people around you and in them you have 5 best friends then it shouldn’t make others unimportant. Being fastidious never benefits us in long run, we should not get into nepotism/cronyism. 
We often complaint that the world is much not the way we expect it to be. We always blame others for it but seldom look into ourselves. We need to be part of change that we want to see in society. We need to have sense of belongingness. A fist always has more power than open five fingers. For this we need to broaden our vision and deepen our roots. Life is too short for differences.

Lots of love,
Vimal Singh
19/12/2010 08:58:53

...nyc if understood by ppl...
...last line alone describes the theme, worry n requirement...
...totally agreed!!!!!

19/12/2010 19:07:44

nice post....
i personally believe in unity alot...
and yes i liked the images, u've used...

19/12/2010 22:56:28

very well put..!!

moving together really needs everybody to be compassionate.. this part i have realised more and more strongly...
everybody is compassionate towards people who are less fortunate than themselves...
i guess real compassion is when we understand everybody..the less, equally and even more fortunate ones.. :)

19/12/2010 23:22:12

its written soo well...i truly believe that we have 'acquired human tendencies..'
u hv given a great idea of it too..bt yes at tyms if thr r personal differences its difficult fr some ppl to gv up thr ego...as far as u hv mentioned ...its relly true that ppl must realise the fact that life is too short for differences...!!!at last-its a great post and great work by you!!!


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