This is one of my favorite stories. I had heard this in an ‘Art Of Living’ course for kids *(YES course). I was there to assist that course around an year back.

The story goes like this :-

There was a father and a son, they were walking on a beach. There were many star fishes on the beach which were dying because they were thrown out of sea due to tide, seeing this kid started to throw them back into the sea. Soon his father saw him doing this activity and he said, “Son, why are you throwing these fishes into sea, there are thousands of them, you can’t throw all of them so how does it even matter.?"

Listening to this kid took another fish and threw it back into the sea saying, ”It does matter to this fish.!”

So moral of the story is that we shouldn’t judge our efforts as insignificant, we just need to keep doing them.

For example, take resolution that I won’t waste electricity or water, I won’t eat non-veg because it fuels global warming, I won’t indulge in alcohol, smoke or drugs. Even if everyone around you doesn’t follow this then don’t get bogged down. Be wise enough and don’t leave your virtues in lieu of anything. 

Be good, do good.

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19/2/2011 21:43:56

Nice one

14/5/2011 04:25:13

good thought..!!jgd

Amanpreet Singh Chawla
14/5/2011 04:48:46



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