Our life is governed not only by us but society at large. Humans by nature are social animals. We have tendency to live in societies and ought mutual favours. These observations strongly suggests role of society in our life and our obligations towards the society. Seva (Service) is an act which is done for others without expecting any recognition in return.

Trees are much more useful than humans, whether it is living or dead. It gives oxygen, flower, fruit, shade when it is alive and it gives wood for making home, when it dies.  On the contrary, humans create pollution and bend the laws of nature as per their needs. Most of our life is spent in accumulating ‘stuff’ for our future or in anxiety about future. People sit and worry about bread and butter, if you think yourself so useless then what is the point in living, better die, either ways nobody will ever know that you even existed. 

When you are more useful then more sort out you become and more security comes in life. Money can never bring security. If that would have been the case then all the rich people would have been blissed out but it is opposite, depression is said to be the elite class disease.! Poor people don’t suffer from ailments like depression and hypertension. In fact, depression has emerged to be a major disease in developed countries. Hence, our security depends on our usefulness. When we think that I m here to serve then we are most sort out. And we really don’t require great skills to serve, just an intention is enough. Whatever small skills we have, we can still be useful. There are so many people in this world who work in inhuman conditions for the betterment of society and you need to notice how they have blossomed in their life.

Mother Teresa for example, nobody asked her to serve, she was an ordinary service women who took responsibility to serve the society. Same was with Mahatma Gandhi and all other people who moved ahead, took full responsibility and made a difference.

Simply know that you have great potential, serve and see how useful you are. You just need to have an intention and take responsibility. There are so many organizations who are working for the upliftment of society; they are all there to help you. Get along with such organizations and you will see that you are loved and cared by all in the world. It is worth living life in that manner.

Seva has to happen with a feeling that I want nothing in return, doership needs to be dropped. If any vested interest is attached to the same, then whole essence of seva is lost. Then it was simply business relation between you and the taker. If there is any heaven then seva is your passport. Infact in all cultures and religion, seva is an integral part.

Initially, it might appear difficult to not expect return favor for seva. The best solution that I think to this situation is to take seva as your duty; if you consider yourself as the part of society then it is your duty to serve the society. Imagine a society where everyone is available for each other, where do you think space for hatred, greed and jealousy will be left? Having sense of belongingness and putting sincere efforts to bring people together will make your life beautiful and more meaningful. You are not here to just survive but live. There is an ancient saying, "Be grateful for whatever you have and more will be given to you".

Smile and Serve.!

Lots of Love,

29/7/2011 13:16:49

soo true..seva is n serve..:)

Chandrita Jaisinghani
29/7/2011 13:16:58

very nice note...:)..we r here for a purpose and kisi ke face pe agar humari wajah se smile aati hai toh dats d best gift ever .....:)

Arushi Malik
29/7/2011 22:23:12

wow yarrr its so so true n vil make an effort to do "seva" in honest way :):)

30/7/2011 23:42:20

dtws very well written n put forth....

Prashant jain
2/8/2011 10:28:12

Bhaia I wanna add something that seva when become duty become burden its our very nature,we cannot survive without doing seva...:)


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