Well here is my first blog post and I am no exception to the fact that I have to brainstorm over the title to my first blog. Here is the word I narrowed down- ‘Radiance’ as the dictionary says it is state of being radiant. Radiance is about emission or rather glowing but I am more interested in its figurative meaning which implies teeming with joy, love and hope.

There are many times in life when we don’t look to outside world as our own, we lack belongingness. It may sound extremely justified to be self-centered at times, after all it’s a competitive world and we have full right to think about ourselves. But if we look at it closely, in this whole process we somehow get deviated from our nature. There are various tendencies that may slowly grip our mind like insecurities, anger and depression.

Our nature is to spread love and joy unconditionally. Infact, we should be emitting incessantly all these expressions. It creates an aura which not only uplifts your spirit but all the people around you feel good and to be a part of your company. We should be having no strings or inhibitions to our happiness because making it conditional we are merely postponing it.

By this instance I don’t mean you have to drop the idea of being competitive but all I want to convey is that we drop the conventional way of competing. We need to learn new way of moving ahead as a matter of fact we need move ahead ‘together’. Put in our sincere efforts, pray for a bigger cause and then see the results in our own life.

So learn to be happy, joyful and loving right now, let it flow gushingly, let it ornate you and if people around you are still in the web of conditional happiness then atleast allow yourself to be a reason for it in this way..

Lots of love,

PS- For all my hesitant and inquisitive friends.. advice is “fake it till you make it”.. ;)

23/6/2010 16:26:29

Well, its a good beginning...hope to see more of your thoughts transform into words here. Keep writing...and i hope to be a regular visitor here.

26/6/2010 20:14:00

hmmm... gr8888 start...!!!! :)
n about the P.S...dont fake so much that it becomes your reality and you yourself fail to distinguish b/w the two...


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