It was almost a week before my second semester exams. I was as usual in my room studying (most probably) and then as usual Anupam came stalking in my room (wearing only shorts which I am very much sure about :-P ). He sat on my bed and out of the blue he said let’s give ACBR exam for MSc again this time when we go to Delhi. I didn’t pay heed to his idea as I was already preoccupied with my worries for semester exams. But then he started to speak about Delhi and being back to university.. in short he succeeded in taking my attention of my studies or probably only worrying part.

Before moving ahead let me just give you the background of whole situation. I had been doing my MSc in Marine Biotechnology from Goa University. I had reached there by JNU common entrance exam for biotechnology 2009. In the same year I had given exam for ACBR but couldn’t make through. In Goa, I had been doing fairly good academically and had wonderful pack of classmates. We have had faculty who used to take care of us like their own children. In fact I have had an ideal journey so far (apart from insipid food). And the guy ‘Anupam’ in story is obsessed with Delhi. He did his graduation from DU but he is originally from Bihar. All he wants in his life is to be in Delhi, and bring his family to Delhi as well..!!

So as soon as Anupam finished talking he got my interest into the idea. He assured me that he will give exam this time and hence dragged me into the alluring idea as well. Last thing I remember is that I wasted almost two hours with the thought of being back in Delhi, doing the course that I always wanted to do and moreover helping my family out (daydreaming I mean). But this was not healthy thinking just before semester exams, especially when you have killingly vast subjects like marine ecology..!!

Therefore, I thought to pass the ball to Guruji (His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar). In the evening I did my Sudarshan Kriya and made three chits namely ‘Goa’, ‘ACBR’ and ‘MSc Biophysics in AIIMS’ (this is another exam I thought I should give again). Then I prayed to Guruji and picked one chit at random to get ‘ACBR’. I shut the topic then and there, gave my semester exams and came back to Delhi. Soon I filled up for ACBR entrance and then got myself into a summer training at DU. Later, when I got back to Anupam, he took a U-turn on entrance and refused to give it, although he is quite popular for such U-turns but I thought he was serious this time. Nevertheless I sworn him off and continued to follow Guruji’s message.

I tried to prepare for exam few days before it, but was certainly under prepared compared to last time. I gave the entrance exam and it may sound surprising but 20% of the questions in exam were directly from GRE practice papers which I had been practicing in vacation, 10-15% questions were exactly that I had studied on the previous night and 10% questions were sheer guess works which were dead right. Hence almost 50% of the questions were under ‘Guru Grace’.

On the basis of entrance, I got call for interview and group discussion. In interview I happened to answer those entire questions which I usually goof up at such places and the last question that they asked was most decisive and I somehow managed to answer that question to my surprise and the panel was thoroughly impressed. In group discussion I got the topic of ‘Cricket being obsession in our country’ which apparently my gut feeling was indicating very strongly on the previous night.

Next day when results came out my name was there on the list.. I got First rank. I was completely awestruck. Last time, I couldn’t even make it to waiting list (i.e. around 70) and this time when I was least prepared, I not only made it to final list but right on top of it.

I still remember when our teacher in the ‘Art of living’ course used to say ‘check your Guru’, ‘try him out’ and then faith will follow on its own. Now, I have no option but to believe in the power called ‘Guru Grace’.

JaiGuruDev (May you be wise & playful)

Lots of love,

manish kumar
15/7/2010 03:08:31

well then surely its your guru nd god grace..
congratulations on your success my friend
may u have a great and bright future ahead..

15/7/2010 08:08:06

Beautiful :)
Have a happy life

Supriya R
15/7/2010 11:28:17

:) :) :)...JGD!

5/9/2010 14:19:47

Hey, Congrates! :)
I didn't have the chance to know this story! Quite inspiring. :)
Hope to see you sometime in Goa or at the HOME at 21st Km!
Happy Living. :)
Jai Guru Dev.

Vimal Singh
4/12/2010 17:28:43

evrything z juz perfect...but the most important is the 'trust' u have in guruji...the things can be interpreted the other way easily by common mind...so dear its not all abt guruji, its the thinking n link he hz created in u...dt z his prime work..n u did ur work nycly..logics r always dre.evn behind miracles...

gud luck..


Mrinal Chawla
4/12/2010 17:52:04

For me miracles are nothing but too many coincidence together:)
And I ve many many more to share..!!
That is why in AOL we say, "we don't believe in miracles, we rely on them."

Anupam Aditya
31/7/2011 17:41:44


1/8/2011 04:31:25

I hope..... some day anupam( bihari) will search his GURU and settle down in Dehli..


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