Recently, I was travelling from Delhi to Bangalore when this thought struck me that since last year I have travelled more than 20,000 kilometres in which I have majorly covered length of India (not breadth). And every time due to some immediate plan or some financial constraints, I opted to travel by train rather than by air. It is also a fact that I always find travelling by train a bit more pleasurable. I am very glad that my association with railways has been very sound and comfortable till now. So I am just trying to crystal out few things that makes my travel worth a pleasure.

Since, I have travelled most of the time alone, so one thing that is most integral to my company is my music. As per the different moods, music always plays a complimentary part to it. For example, during the morning when I get up, since the environment is very calm it is preferable to listen to some melodious & meditative music (Sufi, Shabad, Bhajan), as the day progress to afternoon there is lot of laziness and inertia that suddenly crops up so during this time I prefer to listen to some zingy numbers (Punjabi, Rock or even item songs for that matter!!) and during the night there is no substitute for old hindi songs.. It is the time when nostalgia is at its best.. Sitting beside a window and having cool breeze touching your face in that environment is unmatchable. In short, “feel aa jaati hai.!”

Other thing that is very essential is good book. Although I am not that book worm neither very choosy about books, still I prefer books to be either light hearted or any writing with some substance and character.

These long travels are the only time when you are most with yourself and you are actually out of any immediate social obligations (except, not to irritate your co-passengers).

And imagine if you are travelling in an a/c coach then the fun increases multitudes. Here, sitting in a cosy blanket and reading a book or listening to music is a real treat. The only thing that you miss is cool breeze besides window but that is generally compensated by occasional visits to door and a relatively cool afternoon.

On top of it, if that a/c coach is of Rajdhani express then being served is a total pamper. In the morning, coach attendant comes & wakes you up for bed tea followed by breakfast. Not to forget Barista ice cream after lunch/Dinner (in case of Bangalore rajdhani). And last but not the least, a charging point through which mobile can be charged all through the journey and you can log onto Facebook. So, stay connected whenever you feel like. 

It is one of those experiences that I always cherish and recommend all to have once at least.!

Have happy vacations:)

Lots of love,